Benefits from restrofective effects

. From year 2004-2009 sbi hired contractual employees from market to stabilize its decreasing market share in rural and urban areas . these contractual employees were hired through a rigorous selection process and were suppose to have higher professional qualification like MBA etc with good work experience in order to be hired for contractual job i.e CRE ,OMR , MFMO &FSTO . due to hard work and extra ordinary performance given by these 5000 contractual employees which were hired during the said period ; the buisness growth of sbi & its market share increased at a remarkable level because of their experience and professional approach and being a skilled and result oriented attitude with high end customer service and job knowledge which again attracted the masses & classes to stick with sbi . these contractual employees were regularized in sbi on one common date i.e. 02.08.2010 through a special policy decision . 2. Since after absorption these employees continued performing well in buisness development and growth of sbi and kept on working with same pace but from 2010 to 2015 in last 5 years they realized that bank is growing and all other people are growing in the bank except these 5000 people the reason being they were absorbed as specialist non banking officer .which is not only surprising but discriminatory because these employees are doing all general banking work as done by other officers of the bank then too these erstwhile contractual employees have been kept at par with other specialist non banking officer i.e. law officer , security officer , IT officer which is completely partial and discriminatory action of bank. 3 these employees represented their grievances to higher management through different meetings and different platform orally and in written also . they represented their issues to top management through their employee union also but still after 5 years the management has not resolved their grievances and it is evident that bank management has exploited their unemployment. 4. Sbi has discriminated these erstwhile contractual employees who are presently recognised as specialist non banking officer against general cadre officers while both of these group of employees i.e. erstwhile contractual employees and similarly situated general cadre officer are performing same set of duties and are performing day to day banking operations as per sbi hr role manual . sbi has debarred these erstwhile contractual employees in following parameters against similarly situated general cadre officers :A. Non grant of 4 additional increments which are available to general cadre officers from their date of joining which has effect in salary,pf accumulation and supperannuation for same length of service because of which general cadre officer earns higher salary , pf and pension /superannuation benefit while performing same set of duties as executed by these erstwhile contractual employees. B. Denial of benefit of contractual service for fitment , seniority , promotion and other benefits due to which a general cadre officer who has joined with or got confirmed with or after date of appointment or confirmation of these contractual employees have become senior to them in last 5 years due to fast track promotion policies available to similarly situated general cadre officers which is not available to these specialist non banking officers (erstwhile contractual employees) C. Not including these specialist officers i.e. erstwhile contractual employees in old pension scheme by deliberately and malafidely keeping their date of absorption as 02.08.2010 while pension was kept available till 01.08.2010 and resolution of the regularization of these employees were passsed on 14.07.2010 by central board of the bank and bank passed resolution of giving new pension scheme on 08.11.2010 but made it applicable with retrospective date i.e. after 01.08.2010. D absorption of these erstwhile contractual employees in specialist non banking cadre instead of general cadre to slow down the promotion channel and debarring these erstwhile contractual employees from other benefits which are available to similarly situated general cadre officers and the result is that they are lingering in scale 1 while other similarly situated general cadre officers who joined bank with or after these specialist officers have become scale 3 & 4 and this instance has created mental trauma and acute dissatisfaction in the said officers . therefore looking at the facts and gravity of issue and sbi being a psu committing gross violation of article 14 & article 16 of constitution of india by discriminating these erstwhile contractual employees against the similarly situated general cadre officers it is requested to your goodself.