Complaint against father

My father is an alcoholic. Since my childhood i've seen him only drinking. Earlier wen he was workin, he used to cum home late, fully drunk n used to beat my mother n used vry abusive language against her specially regarding her character. Me n my brother were vry young at that tym so we understood vry little about all these. But as we grew up we understood each n everything. The words he used for my mother were vry bad. He used to create a vry bad situation in front of us. After drinking he do not let us sleep. He keeps on arguing with my mother. Even if she tries to be calm he provokes her by sayin bad words against her n me. N now the situation has become worse. He is not working since last 5 yrs. Not because he is ill or something , just because he doesnt want to do anything. My mother is running the house. As shs is vry well educated so she has got a vry good job in an export house. Even then he do not let us to stay in piece. He keeps on doing something or the other n dont even let us study. I have given my 10th n 12th class board examination in a horrible condition. He did not let us sleep for the whole night just before the examination day. N now am having my pmt exam on 25th july n the situation is still same. We are facing from a long time n now want to take strict action against him n i dont even want to live with him anymore. We have complained against him in the police also but no action has been taken. I need someone's help.