Hindu succession amendment 2005 act section 6-sub section 2 regarding

Dear Sirs, Madams, Hindu succession Amendment 2005 Act section 6-Sub section 2 regarding.. "(2) Any property to which a female Hindu becomes entitled by virtue of sub­-section (1) shall be held by her with the incidents of coparcenary ownership and shall be regarded, notwithstanding anything contained in this Act or any other law for the time being in force in, as property capable of being disposed of by her by testamentary disposition." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Question 1. Please provide the explanation for the Hindu succession Amendment Act section 6-Sub section 2 regarding in detail? Question 2. In the Section 6, Sub section 2 provide freedom to the Hindu women to dispose the coparcenary property by her without consent from her children's and any others for the property she got based on the section 6 coparcenary property ? Question 3. The Hindu succession Act section 14, sub section 1 have the similar purpose for women then what is the difference purpose for the Hindu succession act section 6-sub section 2 ? Note: This is requested of behalf of a client, The details very much helpful for them. Please provide in detail. Please note the more details required about the HSA section 6-sub section 2 regarding. General purpose for section 6 already have clarity so Please provide more details about HSA section 6-sub section 2. Thanks in advance!.