498a dv maintaince

1. my father who died in (August 2013) which is under process of transfer the property in my mother 's name and even my brother purchased a flats in my name i.e. everything was in my name but only payment was done by him which is now in my mother . and i dont have anything( Immovable property) in my name . and currently case in HC ?. how can I save property of my father ? what is the way to save family from this maintainence 2.Opposition lawyer was the same lawyer who was fighting from my side now she is fighting from her side so what should it. 3. Regular bail was approved by Session court and A separate application was forwarded in Metro for cancellation by Opposition . is it possible ?.if yes how should i handle it. 4. A false case was filed by my wife twice ( 1st time application then I went to compromise the within 4 months she again filed from different police station) of using IPC 498a,294, 499, 500, 420,406, 506 114 dv, dowry, On 498a: under HC instruction stay order . Am I going on proper track ? please guide different way if possible.? ( note : my brother's wife is working as informer to my wife in such what we do ) 5. On 2/12/2014 a application was filed under ipc 151 allegation was i made her accident on the way towards office.which is false and two hearing have been passed she is not attending the hearing and I am being given the dates 0f 2 months how should i come out of it. please guide. 6. A magistrate clearly says in front of the court to my younger brother that please settle the case and give the alimony whatever she is demanding on the other side I/o said clearly that he knows that the case is fake . so please guide me what should I do? please help me and my family as case is been going since 2011 please guide me the safest way????