Can a wife get divorce from a husband living in Srilanka?

My cousin(Tamilian from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu) is married with a guy (Basically Tamilian but living in Srilanka for several years) before 15 years. They are living in Colombo, Srilanka. For the past 15 years, my cousin has been given mental torture and she has given her 40 savaran gold (320 gms) ornaments to her husband, as he said he got a huge debt which had to be settled. Even after, he was asking money from my aunt who is a single lady (retired teacher) and because of the life of her daughter, she gave another 6 lakhs in 4 installments. My cousin got 2 daughters (Age 15 & 10). Now, the guy threatens her to collect more money because of their daughters and tortures her mentally and treats her very cheaply. Overall, she has been living in Colombo as a LABOUR without wages, but lost everything offered to her by her mother for her happy marriage. His intention and activities gave us fear as my cousin could have been killed for money. Now, we would like to get divorce from him and ask compensation at least the money worth of her 40 savaran gold for her balance life. Kindly give us advice how to proceed. Based on your advice, I will proceed. Thanks a lot for your advice in advance. Manian Tamil Nadu