Temple in the apartment

After the builder handed over the apartment to the owners, a temple was built by some owners by voluntary contribution on a common area inside the apartment premises. However, this was not informed to all the owners and it was known to only 25% of the owners. Our association was never registered in the last 4 years and it got registered only in the last month with me as the President. Now, one of the owner is after me that temple maintenance should be done under the supervision of the President. My points: 1) Although temple is built on a common area of the apartment, many owners including me were not even informed(forget about consent or approval) when temple was being erected. 2) We have a society with owners following different religions. It was decided by our association that the association will be secular and will not maintain the temple. From the day temple was built, it is being maintained by some voluntary owners with their individual account and it is running smoothly and can be run in the same way. Should it still be maintained by association under President's supervision?