False Affidavit

I am a Farmer, SBI and one plantation company make MOU, as per MOU said Company will provide plants and technology to grow the plant and collect harvest of the same from the farmer and deposit 60% amount to farmers loan a/c 40% to farmer. MOU, Contract farming and LOA (Letter of authorization) done. based on this LOA bank release all financed amount and 25% share of farmer to the company. Company cheated and supply 10% planting material, and kept hanging that they will give balance plant with in some time, but the company shut the office. Before company shut, farmer given harvest worth 85000/- from 10% of planting material which he received. company not deposited any amount to the bank account. As farmer mortgage his farm SBI filed and win case from DRT. In this case SBI hided MOU & even not ready to make party to the said company. in year 2013 company again started, and under RTI farmer collected the MOU, contract farming and LOA copy. As per the affidavit filed in DRT they said, they dont have any idea about the company and denied the MOU. My question is can i go to file complaint for False Affidavit if yes then how to proceed. Case just appealed at DRAT mumbai.. and 5 more farmer cheated in the same manner from deferent company but the same plant called Stevia under Govt. Of India ministry of AYUSH program.