wife seek divorce but i dn't how could i stay her

Hi,a Dear sir, I am aditya a win employer i have got married from arya samaj trust 4yr. ago we have been staying for last 4yrs. happily. my wife have been called by her parents saying that we are agree and accept u pls come beta we want to meet you but WHEN MY WIFE BACKED HER PARENTS HOSE SHE IS MISSING.last time she massaged that she has been tourchered and to left him he is rajput and we are Brahman wht people will talk about if u do that so....last time she massaged at whatsapp that she has been threaded that her whole family will comit suicide and also treated mentally and physically so now in under pressure she just called me and saye what should i have to do i don' no??? HER PARENTS CALLED ME AND SEEKING DIVORCE BUT I DON'T WISH TO DIVORCE HER SO PLS SUGGEST ME...OF FOLLOWINGS... 1.iS ARYA SMAJ TRUST IS VALID. 2 where she could file for divorce is that possible that she filed and notice have been not sent me and in the absence of me she will get divorce. 3 I know that after some time she will come so can i stay her in court by any reson how could she divorced me. 4 May i charged her to waste my life because no will get married me. 5.how can i stay her in court for 3 to 4 year me to mention all above... pls sir suggest