Dont want Divorce case withdrawn but want judgement

1) Wife filed divorce under Muslim act in 2010 at family court. 2) Case dragged till 2015. Feb 2015 issue framed. 3) New Judge at family court told wife lawyer they will not get divorce as their case is not strong and proper. 4) Judge suggested to her lawyer to withdraw this divorce petition and file a new divorce case. 5) I objected to this saying I need judgement and judge said it is her case and she can withdraw it and that my consent is not needed and I have no say in this. 6)Can this be done? 7) Her current petition is extremely weak and full of lies which I will be exposing. How to stop this misuse and I want same case to continue and get judgement on same case? 8) In fact I want the present facts to be the facts for her divorce case as all are lies and I am sure she cannot prove it. 9) That is the same reason that the divorce petition filed in 2010 has not been taken to proceeding till 2015 because everyone associated with this case is aware that her divorce case will not stand. 10) I would love to have the same facts be taken into account for the proceedings. 11) My gut feeling is when she files new divorce petition she will correct all her mistakes and amend the lies .... which I don't want to happen. That's why I want the same facts. 12) A simple petition stating that I object to withdrawal of the case would do? 13) Judge had said that I have not made counter allegations and claims and that court fee was not affixed on my reply and hence it is not valid and I cant object. Can and how this be corrected on next hearing? 14) If I go to High court in appeal will it help? 15) Cant I say instead of withdrawal I need judgement by letting the case start proceedings and take its course? Thanks in advance