Non execution of sale deed and formation of society

I had taken an apartment in Oct 2014 from a builder and purchase cum construction agreement was made between me and builder later in Nov 2014 builder made a rectification deed in which he included owner of the land and his wife as seller and the builder as confirming party. It was agreed to give me possession within 12 moths but I got the possession in 2017 that is in 3 years time and dat too the apartment was not complete.Now I am staying in the colony but the sale deed is not done by the builder and also society is not formed.the owner of the land is also resident of building is having 3 flats. he collected money from us on the account of maintenance and water charges for last 3 years .we paid in good faith but when asked for expense details in 2019 ...he disconnected our PWD water supply as was in his name and also modified the water pipeline of the building thus isolating us the residents from getting water .he got the PWD meter disconnected .we continued surviving on tanker water and then he disconnected the common electricity meter which was in his name .. even all residents electricity meter is in his name ...he is not giving NOC for transfer and also not interested in forming association nor society ...also my sale deed is still not executed even after sending notices. The building is totally in unhygienic condition even lot of modification are done to the building after NOC from TCP ..... please help me how to tackle this issues as basic necessity of water has been disconnected and also the ownership of flat electricity is still not transferred .The builders says they failed to take power of attorney from the land owner..Now land owner is making dadagiri and wants us to bow down and do as he says. Please advise how this needs to be taken legally...the PWD disconnected meter without sending notice to any of the residents