Gift deed

I and my wife had a flat in joint name with 50% share each with me being the first owner bought in jan 2015, all the money was paid thru my account, she being a housewife. In FEB 2019 she And her family pressurised me to transfer the flat in her name by doing a gift deed to continue the marriage Thru gift deed I transferred my share of flat in her name the stamp duty was paid by her brother from his account during gift deed The original index 2 if 2015 had area mentioned as 100 Sq meters and the Gift deed index 2 had an area mentioned as 70 Sq meters After the gift deed was done she has started fighting a lot and time and again asked me to leave the house Saying she will take divorce, From March 2020 to June 2020 she went to her parents place and I was staying in the house but in June 2020 she came and asked me to leave or else she would file domestic violence case, last 2 months I am staying out In sept end she sent me divorce notice My question is Can she stop me from entering the house if the gift deed is in her name Can the wrong area mentioned still entitles me to live in the house by force Can I still cancel the gift deed Can I contest the gift deed What should u do now ?