Dispute for the Title of Resale property with the authority

Hello sir, Thanks for your valuable time. This is regarding the dispute of property in Greater Noida & the issue to get the property registered in my name with Greater Noida Authority. This is a resale property & the builder is saying that we have already forwarded the name of the first owner to the authority & to transfer the property in your name is not possible with the first allotment. Therefore, we need to make a fresh allotment in today's date in your name. In that case, the valuation of the property will be done in today's date & the extra incremental charges the authority demands for increased value of property has to bear by you. In my case the property value is around 55,00,000 & the builder is saying that making a fresh allotment will cost you 1,00,000 rs extra with the authority which will be borne by you for the increased value. I have following question with the builder: 1)When the transfer is not allowed with the authority then how the builder transferred the property earlier in our name. 2) Is builder is hiding some fact? 3) Who is repsponsible to pay the extra amout for increased value of Fresh allotment to Greater Noida Authority. 4) Is there any remedy for me to save the extra burden which builder is asking for. Thanks for your help. Regards Varun