My in-laws took my wife to their home due to some issue. The issue was with the naming of our new born baby girl. My wife was persistent on her name, while i told her choose anything else which would be a little modern. For this she rebelled with me and went home with her parents. It's almost 5months none of them called or messaged. I am the bread earner and my wife is a housewife. I never beat her once, and also i took all the expenses from her pregnancy to delivery, the only thing i asked of was to choose some good name. I have not taken any dowry nor expectations from them, but just my wife's obedience and co-operation. I feel if i go and talk to them they may oblige but for sure they will never care me or respect but will misuse me as they have been doing so far. What do i do now? wait for them to call or will they have any chances of going legal against me. I never told her to go home, it was her and her mother's adamant decision to go, and they said they will come back after sometime-which they never did. kindly suggest.