Change of Management Committee of Housing Society in west bengal

Our society was unregistered earlier, and a management committee ran it for 6 years and could not get the society registered .In 2018 they expressed their unwillingness to continue and a new committee was elected in April 2019. The new committee got the society registered in August and as per the new WB rules of 2016 they were mandated for a tenure of 3 years. Form 3 was submitted to competent authority with the list of Board members as required. The new committee took up many other initiatives which was not to the liking of the earlier committee as they felt their work was being demeaned. They then started instigating other members through mails on several transnational issues like maintenance , housekeeping etc and are trying to get the existing committee removed. Given the above would like to know a) Can the entire board of a registered society be dissolved before completion of its tenure b) If Yes .What legal process needs to be adopted for its dissolution The WB rules talks about removal of a member of the Board but does not clearly articulate if an entire board can be removed b) b)