Terrace shed rules in pcmc

I am resident of PCMC and have put a shed on my terrace double height terrace) because of the following reasons- 1. Many times there is food and mainly water falling from the top flats especially in the dry balcony where the washing machine also has been kept. I have to completely keep my washing machine covered with plastic sheets all the time to avoid serious damage. I have spoken to the top flat a couple of times politely but it keeps happening and I do not intend to spoil the relations with them 2. the terrace attached to the living room has a huge terrace which during rainy seasons becomes a problem as inspite of the sliding doors being closed, water comes in between the gaps in the railing and enters the house 3. I have a 1 year+ old daughter and she goes there and picks the excreta of pigeons. Adding to that I had also read of respiratory problems because of dried up pigeon excreta and wanted to avoid it. The shed which I have put has two pillars resting on the floor and rest of the structure above it. Before putting this I had checked with the society on the process but they mentioned there is no rule like NOC or guideline around this and they asked me to go with it at my own risk in the sense that if something happens then I will need to remove it. There are some other residents too who have done something similar. I tried a lot to search for PCMC rules around this but could not find it either. I am really not sure what to do now. Can you please suggest what is the way if there is a complaint or something from a resident or the PCMC?