Ptcl act

I don't understand what kind of act or law is this. If act was over come how should seller or grantee can sell his land? I read or seeing so many cases are pending and going on in courts. Once if land granted by government to grantee land should not to be transferable. If he goes to registrar office to sell the property by the grantee registrar should not allow for this right? Now that problem is this act has very big loop polls. 1) grantee can sale properties to any one who doesn't having knowledge this law to purchasers. 2) who will know the knowledge of this act when it's came and what it is, even sellers and purchaser innocent means think both are uneducated. Why in sub registrar office allowed them transact on such kind of land's. They must educate them before going all those things. Finally purchaser enjoying the land from last more than 30 year s putting effort to d development of this land by spending his whole life, then grantee came to claim, who will suffer? The purchaser whole life has gone with back of this land and gran children' of original grantee came and claim this fruit full property efforted by purchaser. Finally purchaser of this land go to road. Think before you claim