Legal notice for ancestral property

Hello Sir/Madam, my grandfather had 37 acers of land in these 9 acers of land is self-acquired (registered this land in his wife name) remain is ancestral property(28acers). my grandfather has 2 sons (S1, S2) 4 daughters (A, B, C, D). 2 acers of ancestral property were registered for daughter A at the time of her marriage 1.5 acers of land sold for daughter B marriage 6 acers of land sold for daughter c Marriage 9 acers of land gifted to daughter D by my grandmother. remaining land 18.5 acers was equally partitioned to his sons in the year 1987 in the presence of 4 village people and with presence of his daughters. 80000 Rs debts was given to his son equally (each one 40000) My father S1 cleared 40000 debts with is earnings in 4 years. son S2 sold 2.5 acers of land to clear his debts in the year 1987 when the partition was done. son S2 written a sale deed to buyer, in that document he mentioned me and my brother was divided and am selling this property to clear my debts, in that document my grandmother also signed and agreed for transaction. my grandfather was expired in the year 1997 until my grandfather death 18.5 acers recorded in his name. After my grandfather death sons S1&S2 transferred the property to their names by fauthi(In Telangana) , oral consent was taken from his sisters and they agreed for that. Recently we received a legal notice form my aunties after recent Supreme Court judgement for shares for remaining land(18.5acers) in the name of sons S1&S2. my question is: 1) will my aunties get share 2) property was partitioned orally in the year 1987, after my grandfather death (1997) both the sons got pattadar passbooks since year 1998. 3) son S2 did a transaction in the year 1987 in the sale deed he mentioned that i divided with my brother am selling this property to clear my debts. Is this document will help to prove partition was already done. Sir/madam please suggest how can we fight against with our aunties. Thank you. Suman.