Mental Harrasement and Torture by Husband

Hi All, I seek your advice on a very critical issue going on with my sister. She has married last year November through arranged marriage. Initially the guy was presented to us as very good person with confirm job and house. After marriage he left his job. My sister was under immense tension. So my mom called both of them to stay at our house and rent their house. He has taken many loans and is under financial burden. Many of the times he used to receive calls for money from the lenders. He used to act as he is very tense and used to ask financial help from us to my sister. He emotionally blackmailed both my mom and sister by saying I am in very big tension. Feeling like suicide. By this way he took all her gold jewellery and even from my mom. He has borrowed money out of it. Now within these 8 months of relation he never gave money to my sister. He will be always seeking money from her. Also he is very sceptical and always take doubt if her phone rings or receives a sms. He has been jobless for all these months. When asked he used to say i am working, but never give any amount to my sis. His house is also about to be confiscated by bank for not paying EMI for last 6 months. Because off all these my sister and we are not convinced about her future life. He behaves very rudely and abuses her over phone and personally also. My sister just deliver a baby last week and she does not want to stay with him anymore. But he is not ready to divorce her. He forcefully wants to keep her with him and threatening us of wrong doing if we opt for divorce. Please advise me on this. All my family is under lot of mental stress because of this shameless person.