What is the legal implication of this statement

Our family business have a small factory setup. We are running the business for the last 47 years. Off late a dispute aroised regarding theland on which the factory is setup. I knew it is a thika property and was leased out to my father when he started the business. I recentlly filed an RTI (under Section 6(1) of the Right to Information Act 2005) to SPIO,Controller of Kolkata Thika Tenancy,Survey Building,Kolkata to get the information of the land's status and ownership. The questions asked in the RTI were : a) Has premises no. [PREMISE DETAILS] vested in the State? i) If yes, please furnish the vesting case number ii) The name of the parties in the vesting case iii) The date of vesting b) Please furnish a copy of the form ‘A’ under Calcutta Thika Tenancy Rules 1982 together with annexure & enclosures filed on behalf of the undersigned on or after 30.05.1983 The information that I got from this RTI appeal was : Thika tenancy right of the aforesaid premise is under determination My query is : What is the legal implication of the above said statement? Is the land vested in the state? Can we appeal and apply for the thika tenancy and acquire the thika tenancy right?