Register land based on normal paper document

My father is a family of 4 brothers. They have 200 yards land from their parents in village in Telangana. One thing to note here is there is no document/proof which shows that the 200 yards is in my grand father name (he passed away in their childhood). With some local witnesses, it was divided into 4 unequal (because of various reasons) portions in 2012 and it is documented on a normal white paper and has some witness signatures. Apart from this document there is no document with any of the brothers. As part of the 2012 partition my father was given last corner portion of the land and because it was corner and far from road he got few extra yards; everybody was ok with it at that time. But recently new road was laid in one side of my father's portion and now one of his elder brother is arguing that he wants to swap with my fathers portion and he wants to construct house. Other 2 brothers and other family representatives are ok with 2012 partition and support my father. Is it legally allowed for my father to register his portion based on the white paper that was signed in 2012? Will there be any signatures required by elder brother during registration?