Wife not allowing to see child.

Hi, My wife parents took her for delivery on 6-Dec-2013 and she gave birth to a girl child on 4-Feb-2014. In between I did go to visit her at her matrimonial house and stayed there for 3 days. After the child birth, she changed her mobile number and upon calling her father and brothers they started threatening me and there by not allowing to see the child. When informed upon coming to visit the child they would threaten me on call stating they would file complaint against me and my parent. They also gave false complaint in police station against me which was not considered due to lack of evidence. In 2016 she did file two cases for RCR Section 9 stating that we are demanding dowry and she is ready to lead the life. I did accept and I informed judge that I'm ready to lead life with her. She did not appear to the case for 1 1/2 years and when judge forced her to appear after asking her to pay fines, she withdrew the case on 2-Feb-2019 stating she is not interested in continuing the case and the same was dismissed as not pressed. Also in Aug 2019 she did file for maintenance under Crpc 125 and the same case was disposed on 23-Aug-2019, after directing me to pay maintenance of Rs.6,000/­ per month to the 2nd petitioner i.e.my daughter from the date of petition. After which she file revision U/Sec. 397 of Cr.P.C and the case is still pending. Now since (Feb 2014) the birth of my daughter, she has not allowed me to see her, talk to her nor sent her picture. Even we tried talking through our community panchayat, but my wife side people didn't agree. How can I ask for child visitation or get to spend time with my child during the week ends or holidays. I stay at a place which is 510 kms away from my wife's matrimony place where my daughter is residing. Is there any possibility to take custody of my child. Also is there a provision in U/Sec. 397 of Cr.P.C where I can inform judge that, I want to lead a life with my wife and daughter as ask her to join me. Thanks.