My Landlord Harrassing me to Pay remaining due amount after eviction.

I am writing this to you because i do not know whom should i seek suggestion from in this matter. I used to live in Picnic Garden in a rented apartment since 2019. My contract ended on verge of lockdown. But the landlord cooperated and didn't ask me to leave but i never miss paying him the rent on time my Deposit was deducting day by day and he kept asking me to pay more amount then rent to cover up deposit amount left. When i said i cannot able to do so i can only pay rent for every month as i am jobless right now due to pandemic. He asked me to vacate the house and he said, he will manage the rent of this month from Deposit amount which was 6500inr that time. I somehow managed to get a new flat and pay the deposit there and vacate that house. I somehow got the money and move in to new flat. And give the keys back to landlord. Now that old landlord asking me to pay the remaining due he is just forcing me to pay it i just asking him time because i am going through huge financial crisis but he is not stopping he is saying he will filed a case against me because i need to pay him 5500 rs more. I told him i used to pay you 8500inr rent everymonth for 1 year atleast for that sake trust me and give me some time but he keeps on poling me evrey day for money. I do not know what should i do. Please Help me