My house only property left

Dear sirs, i am retired old man age 53 years and presently not working. I have provided a standard leaving fir my family. During this time i had purchased many property's and sold to fulfill my obligations towards my family. I took a plot in my name and in my wife's joint name with my hard earned money and constructed a home. But due to certain people's involvement my wife and children are against me. And asking me to leave this property also and get out. My only son also a company them. My two daughters one small one married. She also got married after running away from home. My son also stopped his education while i paid a huge amount to get seat for him in an engineering college. Also my wife and children always threatens me to fill again a harassment case which already they did 3times in the past. But now they insist that i sell the only house and give money to them for their future and wellbeing. My son want to go abroad, my first daughter wants a house. My wife wants s seperate house and plot. What should i do