I am a foreigner, been legally staying in India for the past 7 years. Not even a traffic offense. I got married to an Indian lady in 2017 and I applied for OCI since last year but I haven't gotten it. In 2016, my wife took a loan of 1.5 lakhs for me to help in buying a used car. Due to job, we never really stayed together until last year when we finally moved in together, I took a loan of 3lakhs to completely furnished the house. Everything was going smoothly until she lost her job and then a got a new one in Delhi where she resumed on the 7th of January 2020. And that is when problem started from, she was supposed to come back to me for police verification for my visa extension, which refused to do. Remember at this time I was the one funding her stay in a hotel in Delhi before she will settle down. Fast forward to March, I spoke to a mutual friend of ours who spoke to her and she agreed to come back to but with the condition that I send her 26k to clear all her bills and debt, unfortunately before she could come, lock down was announced and I continued to sponsor her stay. In fact between March and September I sent her nothing less than 1.5 lakhs. Now fast-forward to last week, she called me and said the banks were disturbing her for the EMIs, that she needed to pay and she threatened me that if I don't pay, she will tell the visa officer we were no longer together and also tell them I am servicing a loan, she will put me in big trouble. I told her I will service the loans. I sent her 3k at first, then another 3k and due to network problem another 3k was debited. When I requested that she should send me back 3k as she demanded for only 6k, she said I was playing games and was deceiving her and and again the threat. Again I sent her 6k via payment which she confirmed. When the network issue was resolved, she got the initial 6k I sent her making a total of 15k. Then today she sent me a message that when am I going to send her 12k for the next month's EMI and I replied that she had extra already but I will see what I can do. Now she demanded that I foreclose both her credit debt and the used car EMI by tomorrow evening which I replied that I don't have such money and that I will continue to pay the EMI. And now the threat, and this time she said she has called the visa officer 8 times that he is not picking. That she will destroy me, report that we are not together, report that I am working when my OCI is under process and that I took loan from the bank (like it is a crime to take loans from banks). Now I am truly afraid, I have never even have a traffic offense in my life. I don't want any trouble. I am a teacher. That's all I have ever done. Please can anyone advice me? Would I go to jail for this? I have committed any offense? I am scared to death. I am still begging her. She won't pick any acquaintances number. She simply wants to destroy me even though all I have done for her is to help her. I am contemplating ending life to have peace.