IPC 406 and 498a help

I got married on 18 May, 2015. Its only 1 month after marriage, but i want to get separate from my wife. From 4th day of marriage till today my life has been changed a lot. On 4th day after marriage she said "i don't want to live with you, also i was not ready for marriage but my parents forced me for the same." From that day, till today she never respected me, she don't even like to have food with me and many times she had said that she don't even want to see my face and also she don't do any work at home(cooking food, washing clothes, seeing towards cleanliness of home) as my parents are Senior Citizens. Before marriage my parents thought that she will share their work but today they do their earlier works+her works also(washing her clothes, giving food to her) etc. She also drinks and smokes. I came to know about it when i went to some parties with her. Even i don't drink or smoke. Two weeks before she went to her parents and after coming from their she has changed. Instead of blaming her parents for marrying her forcefully she had started saying to me that:- "You have ruined my life. You had made my life hell. I will see you. I will make you cry." and many more such things. But whenever i ask her that what's my fault she doesn't reply me. And also now she don't even says that her parents married her forcefully instead she had starting saying that marriage was with her consent but i have ruined her life and made her life hell etc. etc. so i cant even record her voice, as these talks show that i am creating problems for her which is not true. Whenever i say to her that please dont create problems she replies that "Yes you are right, i am the one who is creating problems and i should die, i will commit suicide" Also she is M.A in studies but her way of talking and language speaks that she is not even 12th pass. Due to all these happenings i don't think that this relation can go on further. Whole big life is in front of me. And i am afraid that she can also commit suicide at my home. Her activities show that today or some other day she will put allegations of dowry and harrasments which includes IPC 406 and 498a and many more such allegations on me and my parents. I cant spend my whole life with such girl and i want to get separated from her. So please advice me some way to get separated with her. She is at her parents home currently. And i think that before she comes to my home i should leave my home and get underground and my father should disown me with his property and life. After that her parents and police will search for me but i'll remain underground and after 1-2 years or some more time they will get tired and do some settlement with my family. But during this what problems can my parents face. And what precautions should i do. More info:- Wife's parents gave us a cheque of Rs 4,50,000 to us as gift on marriage which we have withdrawn from bank. I am Engineer by profession.