Licensee intends to stay on after expiry of 11 month Leave & License till alternative accommodation

I have given my flat in a co-op society in Kolkata to an individual from Delhi on a 11 month Leave & License agreement, which is due to expire on 30th Sept, 2020. She now says that she has been unable to find an alternative accommodation due to Covid-19 pandemic and has requested to stay on till she finds another place, promising that she would pay the licensee fee for the extended period she may have to stay till such time. I have agreed to allow only one week i.e. till 7th Oct for her to vacate the flat. All the correspondence are through WhatsApp messages. Her husband is dealing with the matter, who stays in another town for work and making all payments through bank transfers. It is to be noted that, though she had paid two months' advance rent as security deposit, she had defaulted on paying the rent for two months on the same pretext of Covid-19 and has asked for adjustment of the same with the security deposit. That means I have no security deposit with me now, though she has technically paid all the 11 installments. What should be my response?