Filed RCR by Husband after wife registering 498A case

Hi Sir/Madam, My wife willingly went her home town as she was pregnant(I have all the proofs on same) but after she went to her home town she filed a 3,4DPA,34, 498AIPC cases against me & my family. I really felt weird & after knowing about cases then lawyer suggested me to file a RCR. So have filed it 40days back & got a number from court last week. I have got a 41A notice from PS & my wife was not ready to come to Police station also. So Police said that, we are sending case details to court as your wife is not interested to stay with you. Now my questions are: 1. When can my RCR petition, first hearing can happen? Or what is maximum time period to get first hearing? 2. After RCR numbering, I have not received any Message/EMail from court about RCR number but my lawyer was telling that, number already came for your RCR case & he gave some number XX/2020. So please suggest me, whether it can happen like that with getting any info to party. 3. After receiving 41A notice, when can first hearing can happen about 498A case, is there any time period Or no one knows due to this pandemic situation? Please suggest me & do needful Thanks, SaiRam