Husband not responding to any notices sent on divorce

Due to continuous mental and physical harassment I had taken a call to seek divorce from my husband ,also he had extra marital affair. He did not take any responsibilities of the children neither was supportive in any matter , finally with his and my family intervention and to come out of this mental harassment had applied for divorce. However, considering he is into real estate business whatever notices court is advising to him is not been attended and now there is no address of his where he is available. In this case what is the option left to me as I am just stuck here neither able to move ahead anywhere. Lawyer states until he receives the notices nothing can be done. One child is 6 years and another is 11 years old. I am employed in private company and living with my parents taking care of the children. I have not claimed any alimony from him as just want to get rid of him and live peaceful life since even kids were under mental trauma due to his daily drinking habit also was abusive irrespective of one single day break. On the other side I don't have any proof as such to prove him other than mine and his family members who are the evidence , not sure if they will come to court in case required.