Seeking legal advice in family releated issue with nu wife

Hi, I am from delhi NCR, I am married from last 2.5 years and have of 1 kid of 1.3 years of age. It was an arrenged marriage and post marriage I came to know about nu wife's aggressive anger issues, initially I though over the time it will be resolved but it kept on increasing and post my sons birth it for increased drastically, it went to that extend that she used tk abuse me with all the dirty slangs in front of my mother, she used to hit me in front of ny mother and threatened me to suicide if I don't agree tk her, to that extend she hit my mother as well, after that I dropper her along with nu son to my in laws house where she is staying now from last 3 months, I wanted to have divorce and was very strict to my decision but now she wants tk come back and saying sorry for all the things she has done. She and her parents are telling that they assure that she will not do any such things in future. As I have a small kid i want to give her a chance but at the same time i have terms ans conditions as well which she needs tk follow once she is here with me. I an seeking advice that is there any way that I can take her signature on the stamp papers that she will not do any such things in future and if she do it again she has to leave my house and she can't take my son along this time. Is there legal way to do that.? Pls advice