About my son

Hello sir.. i am raman jot singh dhaliwal... my wife name simran jot kaur .. we were marriad 25 December 2018 . We applied her vise for canda april 10 2019 and she received visa on 18th april . At all this time after marrige she was pregnent ( july 2019 we came to knew that new member is joining in our family my cute baby as doctor tell us ) after that on 18 August 2019 she went to canada me and my mother plus her father and her brother we went to drop her to dehli airport...all things were normal my baby took birth on 15 feb 2020 .. after one month she stop feeding my baby her own milk and using powder milk.. as time passed and i am still in india now my baby is now 6 months as i came to know she leave my child at 3 am and ran away i dont know with whome.. now my child is with my mother and my sister in canada Vancouver.. we complained to police as per law canada police done there duty and let her go.. she told i dont want to stay ..then we complain at social help office in canada they send letter to my wife ( i dont want say tht she is wife or my sons mother ) in letter she ( wife ) sigh and said tht my sons grand mother can take my child to india and my husband will take care for my son.. i have given them custody.. after this incident i dont want she again come and disturb me and my baby life .. pls tell me what i can do that i can keep my baby with me not with her .. she is crule only feeding milk for one month after that providing powder milk.. i dont trust with whome she ran away i dont want to tak risk.. pls help