Parking area sale

I have purchased a builder floor in east Delhi area. Local dealer/builder has constructed this building by taking some nominal money from actual owner. Builder has taken a floor also from plot owner in consideration to construct the whole building Parking area to 4th floor, means G+4 (Parking area on ground floor than 4 more floor up to sky). in this case actual plot owner has sold out 2 floor out of 4 floors. he has sold 3rd floor and second floor without roof rights. First floor and 4th floor with roof rights he have currently. Now he is willing to sell his 1st floor with parking area and 4th floor with roof rights. Now can you tell me , In this case can he sale all parkin slots while we have 1 two wheeler parking and 3rd floor owner also have 2 wheeler parking. Please suggest what parking area he can sell? whole parking area or allocated area as per by building laws. It is a 450 square feet plot size. In Square meter it is 41.8 square meter. So request you to please give suggestion ASAP.