Padagi Property (64 Tenants) demolished by BMC with hands in glows with builder

Ours was pagadi property built in 1964 in Mumbai. Ground + 2 structure spread over 40'x200'. Original landlord has sold the property to one so called builder in 2004. From 2008 he has started harassing us, deputed goons to threaten us, shuts main gate so we can not go out or come back, Attacked our chairman, disconnected one water connection, filed RAE suites in 2008, 2009 & 2010, Managed BMC to .declare property under "C1" category. In Nov 2013 we had signed consent term in front of National Lok Adalat, we were ready for the same, but he didn't done anything and one fine day in 2015 he filed execution suit against us. In 2016 he introduced one partner, and dissolved partnership in 2018, now new partner is sole landlord cum developer. In Sep 2017 BMC has disconnected essential water supply and electric supply, so we were compelled to vacate the property after that BMC has demolished property in Jan 2018 under "C1". Also new builder is in denial that he will not abide consent term signed in National Lok Adalat and he is insisting fresh agreement. So we are out of our home since Oct 2017 and not receiving rent neither from nor from BMC. Recently came to know about Pagadi tenants will be converted to owner, in lower house it has been passed and pending due to pandemic. Can any one please help?