Surname change after marriage

Hi, I am married for more than 7 years now. But recently thinking of changing the surname to husband’s name for long term future consistency. I currently have maiden surname in my marriage certificate and Aadhar and passport has spouse name added. All documents have original surname. I also have a joint home loan and kids school application forms and job. My hometown is in MP and my husband’s hometown is in Himachal and marriage certificate is made in Himachal. We both reside in Mumbai since 7 years now. Could you please answer the below questions for more clarity- 1. To consider surname change, what all documents need to be changed . Could you please provide a comprehensive list. Do school and college degrees also get changed ?? And marriage certificate? Ration , voter is. I am confused. 2. How complicated is the process and how long will it take for everything to reflect approximately . 3. How many of the things could be done online and for what all do I need to visit government offices. Thanks. Please let me know if I need to know anything else I missed out