Love marriage 6 months ago

Dear All, We both are Hindu. We have done love marriage in mid month of November,2013 in Vivah Mandal which is register with state government. At end of November,my wife told me that she will go home and will try to convien her parents and she didnt allowed me to go with her as she was unaware of her parents reactions. Since then she is at her parents place. we both r in phone contact as she lives 12 hrs distance far from me. She is telling me now that she is not willing to come to my place and her parents are hurt and they will do everything properly. In month of April, I went to her house and met her parents. Her father told me that 5 to 6months he is not willing to do any marriage with me or with any other guy. 2. Yet family members have not yet discussed about this marriage. 3. If your not ready to wait your free to do your acts. I want to ask that 1. As we are married in vivah mandal, as there is notatries statement given by her that she was in well stable mind when she was getting married. Is it valid marriage? 2. As 6 months have already been passed and they want more 6 months. As per Divorce process a couple should stay away for 1 year. Can they file a divorce? 3. Is there any provision stating that after marriage the couple have to stay together and if there is problem between the couple then and then only they can file for divorce. 4. What are the other legal aspects which can make divorce.