Tenant' Rights

Hi Sir ! I am a tenant,I have been living in a house more than 30 years.Between land owner and me ,there is not any rent agreement done ever.I paid my monthly rent in cash without having any acknowledgment receipt. Here I noted you one point that owner' land is not a register land,that is his ancestral property. Now,he is trying to evict me from my house. Here one more point I want noted to you that he is going to give his land to a builder and the paper works has been going for registerd the land. Here ,I need a legal advice from you. Can land owner/ builder evict me from my house without any compensation. And what are my rights for staying there with legally. If they forcefully trying to evict me or giving some mental torture ,abusive than what should I can do against them legally. Plz.give legal advice as I am a simple and belong from a lower middle class.