Land dispute and choke us from our property

Hello sir ,My name is DEBASHIS from odisha ,kalahandi .My grand father had 4 son (A,B,C,D).My Father is youngest among them(D) and the ealdest one (A) is no more he was died on 2015. My grandfather and grandmother also no more they are died on 2018.All ancestors property are devided between 4 of them on 2000 (only agriculture area) except the area where we are staying is still inthe name of my grandfather but before his death he made an will for the property where we are staying but now after his death B and C made a wall and choked our way to the main road of the village from our home we don't have any path to reach the main road of the village 2 of them are regularly harrasing us not giving road ....we are tried to request them not to do it but they are not trying to understand and tell us that sold your property to us in ceap price beacuse u dont have any road to connect the main road and go away to other place .But in the will there is a complete plot for special road which is commonly connected to the main road but they are not understanding. Both of my parents are working as teacher and we are not living on our house which is in our village beacuse we are living in the town which is 10 km from our village scince 2007 . But we are occasionaly and regularly going there and maintainig our property . Please help me sir what should i do beacuse all of us are busy in our work ,all of as are doing job and they are gradually stilling our property harrashing us and force us to sell that ,but i dont want to loose my ancestors property and dont want to sell it. And another issue regarding our agricultural land that in the partition did one plot is common in both in C and D. like .plot no. 510 which contain only 10 dicmil that include in both C and D 's Partition did which is given by civil court . Now what will we do....sir we are totally frustrated and harrashed. Please help us sir we will always greatfull to you....πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ please help us sir