Harassment and torture by inlaws and husband

My husband is living abroad. He took me abroad for 3 months and send me back to lndia with a promise that he will come back soon. I stayed with my in-laws but they threw me out of my matrimonial house and my husband refused to accept me and now he is not coming back. They tortured me and harassed me badly that l have frequenct panic attacks. My husband took all money from my accounts which l had. My sister in-law kept all my streedhan and rest of the things including my car and other belongings are still with my in-laws and they are not giving back. They are saying just file for divorce and we will return your belongings and they are not letting me in. My inlaws are saying that they want divorce. My husband has cut all connections with me and l don't know the reason as l was ready to mould myself in any condition to save the relationship. My husband is still talking to his ex girlfriend when l asked him about her then raised questions at my character instead and cut all connections. They are saying that my husband will never return to India. He has workpermit only. They lied so many things before marriage. They have made my life miserable. How to get justice for this ? They are saying they will disown their son on papers to get rid of you.