How to stop visitation

I am 34 with a one year old. I left my marital home 10 months ago along with my child. My married life of 4 years was full of harrasment, torture, mental and physical abuse. My husband has a criminal record and even went to jail during my marriage (with proof), he hide his first marriage where he also changed his religion which i have got to know now.(with proof), drug user, alcoholic, He has no work profile, many debts which he tried to pay by selling my istree dhan and gadgets or extorting money from me time to time. I was working but forced to quit after baby. Highly abusive and toxic inlaws, Father inlaw has threatened me for my life and safety, I have no proofs of abuse to me or my child other than whatsapp chats with my friends which my friends are willing to testify Current status is that my complaint is with CAW who trying to get me a mutual divorce. Im not contesting alimony or child support. Husband is threatening to take full custody of child and asking me to give maintainance to him. My only concern is how can i prevent this man from getting even visitation and safegurading myself and my child? Please guide me.