40 year old Son is harassing alone motger

I am writing on behalf of a single mother. She is 70 year old lady having two son, The elder son one is separated back 13 years. The other one is married second time 2 years back. The old lady was having property in her name via registered sale deed. There were 2 shops rented and was evacuated by the younger son 10 years back and having possession by the younger son, the house is built on top of shops and there is second floor also. The younger guy is now not taking care of his mother and did domestic violence to his mother many a time, and gives her threat. He took a lot of money from her mother to his personal use over the pretext of returning the money she believes him and had given a lot of money even after selling a property. Now after marriage he moves to second floor and left her mother in between she don't have any source of income . She asked if he has possession Of shops give her rent so that she can survive or give the possession of shops to her so she can rent it out for her livelihood. After putting this matter within relative he is now agree to pay her 1000 rs daily for everything. She went two time heart surgery 30 years diabetic, having other several ailments. She is literally torture by both the son now o we property matter both is asking to her to for dividing the property and none of them is taking care of her. What she can do, the younger one is a very cunning and greedy, fortunately he is a lawyer and having two property in tis hazari court as well. She is helpless and mentally tortured as well by the younger son. This is Muslim family she also having two daughters not interested in her property or anything.