Father in law harassment

How do I protect my self from physical harm and mental harm caused by father of the husband? This was an arranged marriage, re-marriage, guy being 43 and woman being 35...They told he is the only child and mother had passed away 25 years back.. his father had said that he was a very independent person, astrology was not in favor if him being wid his son.. And he had nothing to interfere. But after marriage he has been very pervasive. He has controlled all my rights. Being afraid, that I might expose his secrets to neighbors, he has for past year forced me into isolation.. He has talked vulgar, asked me to chose him and leave his son, Then he has made sexual advances on me.. (these were dismissed assuming he is bit off) And wen I refuse to his advances he creates an issue and violence follows that is unbearable. He has forcefully stopped me from going to job.. As he basically doesn't want me to be based here.. And wants to cause divorce and leave..there are systematic attempts to intervene.. And make him keep up his words.. 1. Initially my mother gently intervened and he agreed to not intervene and come inside the household of me and his son, live his life upstairs ..but he doesn't listen to anyone and continued.. 2. Wen his sons leg bcam injured he bcam more vulgar and then I tried to leave the place where he agreed to keep away to random ppl who intervened and then again continued. 3.his atrocities increased in lockdown and I felt the place but in the street end in presence of duty police.. He verbally agreed to not intervene and then stopped coming in daytym.. But again started coming in at night.. On the pretext of dinner.. 4.then he tampered gas burner, safety valve, let in dangerous insects, and wen it got hazardous, my relative intervened and req him to send me to a job so that I wld be safe.. And come home only at night.. But he refused and said.. He would not come downstairs.. And we closed the call.. 5.again he started doing same things.. And I have no freedom, and face frequent violence due to him.. Please advice.. As the old man does not listen to anybody.. Shall I request NWC to issue a guideline to him.. To keep away from me.. I have their watsapp helpline number.. I do not want to break the marriage.. And want to try more.. I do not want any legal step bcoz I may be looked upon as a marriage breaker.. But I am unable to bear the violence and threats caused by the old man... Kindly guide on how to make the old man behave reasonably... He does not listen to anybody... I am very helpless.. He has controlled me... And I am not given a penny... Not allowed outside.. My ppl are disrespected and can't come here.. He is not listening to anyone.. I am threatened.. If I seek a job.. My phones r hacked, please guide me.. I cannot leave as he threatens to file complain of theft, the minute I leave.. Can anyone help me?all have tried their best by talking decently., but in vain. My email id [deleted]