Exclusive terrace rights

The Ansal Golf Link-I Greater Noida has a low rise housing complex with 2 floors. There are two separate registries from Gr. Noida authority. " Allotment Letter Statement. "In response to your application, the Developer allots you (hereinafter referred to as the "Allottee") Ground Roof/ First floor of Dwelling Unit No.______in the above-said scheme with an approximate super built-up area of 810 sq.ft. (75.25 sq.mtr.) on an approximate plot area of 125 sq. meter. consisting of two bedrooms, one drawing I dining room, two toilets and one kitchen and also having a verandah and front and rear lawns with the Ground Floor Dwelling units or a balcony and terrace rights with the first floor Dwelling units (hereinafter referred to as the "Unit") "I am on the first floor with balcony and terrace rights with the first-floor. My question is can I built another floor on the terrace ?"" In this society all has done the same. Everyone has made the same. I just want to know is there could be any legal objection from the owner of Ground floor ?