Annulment of marriage

Hi, I and my girlfriend decided to marry but our parents were against of this marriage as she is a brahmin and I belong to Baniya, so in April 2018 we got married in a temple (doesn't maintain any register of marriages). We didn't tell anyone about marriage and no one was present at the time of marriage except pandit. The very next day we registered this marriage by submitting the form along with documents, by paying 3 witness (we don't know, pandit called them), with a fake rent agreement (pandit took money and arranged). Finally we got marriage certificate. we thought girl's parents will agree and everything would be fine. Till now we didn't tell anyone and girl's parents are threatening us and saying they will kill us if we marry. Now the girl is saying that in this situation the life would be worst and she is saying that she will marry with her parents choice and I also marry with my parents choice and leave each other. I want to know that can I go for annulment of this marriage? We don't want to file any case to anyone. We just want everyone to be happy. Kindly help me.