Mental harrasment by wife and in-laws

Dear all, I have been married for 1 year now. My wife and her parents were very sweet talkers and influenced us with their talks. After marriage, I observed that my wife would remain awake during the whole night and sleep through the day. She doesn't do any work at all. She hardly takes a bath once or twice a week. She keeps the house as a mess. When I talked to her initially regarding all this, she told me that it is her "prarabdh" ( sins done in previous birth) due to which Matarani (Goddess) is punishing her and not allowing her to take a bath. She told that Matarani has tied her up due to which she is unable to do anything. This left me shocked and bewildered. She does some sort of puja and havan during the night ( she starts by 8:00-8:30 pm and finishes by around 4:00 am) and sleeps throughout the day. She told me that she wanted to be an ascetic and live the life of a Brahmachari but her mother and father would cry and plead with her to get married. Seeing their condition, she agreed to get married. But neither she, nor her parents told us anything about all this. Whenever we tried to get involved sexually, she would say that she doesn't get any feeling as she had blocked all such feelings when she had decided to follow brahmacharya. She said that she married due to pressure from her parents and is not interested in married life. She said she wants to do serpent awakening and stuff. She is simply not interested in a normal marriage. I want divorce from her. But her mother is harrassing me that she would file false cases against me and destroy me. Please advice what can I do in this?