Legalizing document

Legalizing document Description X = Land lord of the property A = purchased this property through registered GPA in 1983 B = My mother purchased this property through GPA in 1992 but it was not registered (notarised). But changed all papers of property tax, electricity bill, water bill, khata certificate in her name C = In 2008 I purchased this property from my mother through absolute sale deed by paying sub registered charges at sub registrar office. Now I have paid all the relevant taxes, conversion charges, betterment charges and has been residing since 2008. I have following questions 1- Since I have transferred property from my mother to my name is this legally valid since the previous owner was not involved 2 - I don't want to trace X (land owner) or A (REG GPA holder). I'm not sure how to locate them. Can they X or A claim the property though it's in my possession more than 12 years? And if they do who has the advantage in law? 3 - I applied for a loan 2015 which got rejected. Now what else should I do to regularise this property?