Married daughters rights in pagdi (tenancy) property

My grand mother was the original tenant of pagdi property in Mumbai. Which upon my grand mother death was (the said room had 2parts) transferred to my father and my Uncle(2 seperate rooms). Coming to my father's room, he has a son who stays with him(who also has 2 other residential properties of his own) and 2 married daughters(who have no property on their names). I myself being the elder daughter. My question are as follows: 1) do me and my sister have equal share in the said property along with my brother. 2) can we stop our father from selling the said room or from transfering the room on my brother's name only. Since it's a hereditary property and not purchased by my father. 3) my brother is asking for NOC from us(sister's) to transfer the room on his name for which he is giving as peanuts. 4) the property is proposed for redevelopment and builder is also in picture. Can we sister's give notice to landlord and builder, not to transfer the tenancy in brother's or any other person's name(by way of selling) without sister's NOC. 5) can the said NOC be a conditional NOC. 6) my father even though not satisfied with my brother and his daughter-in-law. Is siding with my brother due to his orthodox thinking of property should only go to son's. Which is against law now as daughters have equal rights in parents property and more specifically ancestrial property (pagdi in this case)