How can I stop on road permanent parking by tenants

I live in society in bhubaneswar where 20ft approach road is there. Many owners built houses 3 to 4 floor with max one car parking garage. Our all neighbours are having tenants 5_10 family each. One owner started keeping one vehicle on road. We opposed as their all 6 tenants kept one vehicle each on the road that too in front of our house., some time by the side of our house on the opposite site ..some time at front of my garage for which we were in trouble. There were lot of fight ultimately we took police help , the owners created , drama s like guest just arrived. After police left, say it is not your father's property like this. Now new nearby houses have been built , the tenants forcibly keeping vehicles on the road on their front which can max afford one car, others put in line on the other end of my house. Except my gate. Anyway we are surrounded by all troubles and now even for a guest car don't have space, two vehicles cannot cross making the road narrow,when opposed to one,another one tenant keeps or two together.when opposed strongly, they say it is not your father's property. When called to police station they state themselves very innocently. Police takes the issue very casually,sometimes helped. What is the way out ? Is there any rule or act which we can take the help and and stope the nuisances,limiting the on road parking by tenants..?