Employer not issuing 3 months salary

Sir / Madam , I was working in Admin Department in a Proprietory-ship company (location : Dhoolapally - Quthbullapur Mandal - RR District) . It is a Tower parts manufacturing (Fabrication) unit having 50 workers. I joined during November 2013. My net salary was Rs.12000/- Before my joining, no registers / records were maintained properly under Labour laws. Workers / Staffs were not issued appointment letters. Actual number of workers / staffs were not shown to PF / ESI department. Wages were not fixed as per Minimum Wages Act. They obtained Shops and establishment registration and running a Facotry. Wages of previous month usually paid after 20th of next month or third month. After by joining I advised to maintain records / registers under various labour laws but they did not support me. As advised by a consultant actual wages were not shown to PF / ESI. PF / ESI payments were paid once in a year. ESI contribution was not deducted on OT payments. I have not been allowed to create challans or followup the ESI / PF payments online. Everything has been done through the consultant only. I have been given clerical works only. . Even no basic Safety methods are followed by management even after several requests from my side. Now from December 14 they paid salary once in 2-3 months that too part amount only. I have not been paid Salary for March 15 - 15 Days + Apr 15 Full month + May 15 Full Month + June 15 - 23 days salary. They are getting payments regularly. I have checked the bank statement. Management ruthlessly told that they would pay my salary at any cost even if I take legal action. The proprietor and his two brothers spoke respect-less when I asked for salary on 01.07.2015. May 15 + June 15 Salaries / wages also not yet paid to workers till date. Now I am jobless. Since I spent all my savings, now I do not have money to pay the room rent and vacated last month. Time being I am staying in my friends room. The proprietor knows my situation very well. Even though he is doing so. Even I don't have money to spend for legal consultation. Hence I request you to advice me whether should I register complaint with Labour Commissioner or file a case in labour court and the process. R.Srinivasan Mobile : [deleted]