Apartment issue in Bangalore

Hello Sir, we have purchased a flat in Bangalore which was joint venture from land owner and builder, they have build a 12 flat apartment and shared 50% among them self. We 6 families have purchased flats from builder in 2008 and now land owner still keeping his 6 flats with him and create life miserable for us. 1) He claims terrace belongs to him and we are not allowed to enter there, which has water tanks, lift room and association meeting room. 2) Every now and then he closes the values so that water can't pumped up and we are not having water for days. 3) He has not paid maintenance for nearly 2 and half years 4) From last 6-8 months his flats are vacant and he use to keep open taps on each bathroom and kitchen so that all the water drains out and we left with no water. 5) There is security room in ground floor which he claims its his. 6) He never agreed to be part of association. 7) Builders are not traceable 8) He doesn't come for any dialog and every time he asks us to make separate arrangements for our-self's. 9) We went to local police which did not help. We request humbly to suggest some relief to families residing in this apartment. This guy is rich and he believes he can buy everything, but we have full faith in Judiciary.