Building dispute

I lady owner of Ground floor reside in parking space that calls "chuha flat" having both side opened and tidy myself every day in the morning including parking. I am working from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm. at south Delhi In my building, Top floor's owner's ( like Ist to 3rd floor owner except u/g/f owner) bother me to contribute in building fund or maintainance for cleaner otherwise they threatened/Quarreled me they all will dump garbage at my door and even they will restricted to use submersible which was installed by builder/ will not allow to come and go from front door/to use electricity/will not allow to use parking to hang my cloths/ shall not permitted me to park two wheeler conveyance or on behalf me if I allow to someone in presence of mine. Now, My question is that if I clean the stilt parking every day nobody cum handy to make it clean they why should I contribute in building fund for twice/once in a week for cleanliness instead they all have to pay to my for my services and also they all are asking me for lift maintenance . I am very upset how they are harming/violating my fundamental right of property Kindly suggest me about building fund because since 1.5 year paid for it when i had occupied but no account managing (separately in Lift account or other account) by them although I agree to contribute in building maintenance proportionately not including cleaner because i do clean my self for parking. mob;[deleted]