Me and my wife lived together for 8 years. we have two daughters 6yrs and 2 yrs. She dont want to live with my sick parents with me,my mother has a cancer and my father has a heart patient, she and her family behaved arrogant and insulted my mother and father brothers and me most of the time. she put a sexual harassment allegation on my younger brother to force me to leave my parent home, Her three sister and mother give him support in this, they, All four sister have same pattern of allegations on their in laws family members and succeed now my wife has done the same thing, my mother in law has the same situation she has also done something like this in her family that's why my father in law family members are not in touch with them now, Now I agree to live with her on rented house but matter is not close yet now she does not want to help me my parents by any way like money or physical support, she does not want that I any my daughters meet with my parent, My parents are very close to my daughters they only wants to meet them on weekends, she wants that I give my full salary in his hand otherwise she continue to fight with me, Every time when she fight with me, Immediately she call her sisters and they get her with them and my daughter's also, By all this my daughters study get effected. I am not understanding what to do now, I didn't file any FIR yet, I am working in IT firm and getting 50K salary, Now I want to know, Before getting her back in rent room what should I do so that I have some prove and she will not fight with me again